Community groups who dealt with the fallout of what's been dubbed the "River Lea Disaster" have called on the government to investigate the "inadequate response" of the two organisations in charge.

Forty thousand litres of oily water have been removed from the River Lea following a major pollution outbreak last month.

A section of the Lea has been reopened, following a major oil spill polluting the river.

Two oil spills on Hackney's biggest river in as many months is two too many.

Boaters in Hackney have been told not to move their vessels as environment bosses work to clean up a major oil spill polluting the Lea.

Environment chiefs are struggling to contain a crude oil spillage that has been spreading down the River Lea through Hackney since Sunday.

When I lived in Walthamstow, I cycled over the River Lea at the bottom of Spring Hill every day.

Emma Bartholomew visits Watermint Quay by the River Lea in Stamford Hill - where neighbours say smoke from boaters' chimneys is getting up their noses in more ways than one

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