Every week, since the lockdown began on March 3, Hackney people have shown their appreciation for NHS staff and key workers dedicated and working tirelessly on the front-line of the Covid-19 pandemic. Applause, music and the clamour of pots and pans continues to ring out across the borough every Thursday night on streets decorated with murals, drawings and thankyou messages of unity and hope.

Inspired by Captain Tom Moore a seven year old girl from Hackney has been cycling 10 miles every day for 10 days to raise money for families struggling through the coronavirus pandemic.

A Finsbury Park neighbourhood has been blasting 60s and 70s feel good tunes through their streets every Thursday night to accompany the thunderous weekly clap for our carers heard across the nation.

Stoke Newington volunteers and a neighbourhood artist have completed a mural showing their support and appreciation for NHS workers on the front line.

The overwhelming gratitude we all feel for our brave NHS heroes and other key workers is reflected in the thunderous applause and clamour of pots and pans resonating throughout Hackney every Thursday night at 8pm.

Families across Hackney will be joining in a second Clap for Our Carers at 8pm tonight, as frontline staff at Homerton Hospital have thanked the community for the “wonderful support” people have already shown.


The NHS COVID-19 app can make a real difference to how we all tackle the pandemic, protecting our loved ones and those most at risk from coronavirus. Everyone aged 16 and over across England and Wales can download the app for free and play their part in combating the pandemic.

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