Even though I used to work in a laboratory before my switch to broadcasting, even though I am a rational person, I’m still superstitious sometimes.

Letters, contributions and comments sent in from Gazette readers this week.

Letters, contributions and comments sent in from Gazette readers this week.

Known as one of The Magnificent Seven cemeteries in London, Abney Park is rich with biodiversity and history.

Letters, contributions and comments sent in from Gazette readers this week.

Letters, contributions and comments sent in from Gazette readers this week.

Not so long ago many of us stood outside our front doors on Thursday evenings to applaud NHS and other key workers.

It’s an issue that will affect almost all of us yet I haven’t heard any so-called experts talking about it.

The West Reservoir Centre may have been the saving grace of the summer.

Have you done your panic-buying yet? I do most of mine online, and spread it out over a few weeks.

Letters, contributions and comments sent in from Gazette readers this week.

They have the right to live and work in the UK but cannot claim benefits for themselves or their families.

While the effect of coronavirus continues to hit London hard, one of the few benefits of lockdown was a cleaner, greener city, with less traffic, cleaner air and more walking and cycling, writes Cllr Jon Burke, Hackney Council cabinet member for energy, waste, transport and public realm.

It’s only a small one. But it is a car and it feels like drivers are hated. I say that because recently I parked the Steve-mobile on Downs Road. I wasn’t there long. At £11.40 for four hours I can’t park there often without my bank texting me.

The government looks determined to accelerate the privatisation gravy train with the barely scrutinised award of Covid-related contracts for testing, tracing and PPE.

Good luck to any children who have gone back to school.

A recent article in the Hackney Gazette carries this quote: “Public Health England reports prevalence of coronavirus has decreased since schools and colleges restricted their opening to most pupils in March,” writes Pat Turnbull, Handley Road, Hackney.

When Black Lives Matter activists in Bristol took direct action and removed a statue of the Bristol slaver Edward Colston many denounced such behaviour as a ‘diversion’ from the campaign to eradicate racism from society, writes Sasha Simic, Stoke Newington, full address supplied.

This week we’ve taken the unusual step of running stories with a common theme on the front pages of all our north London titles.

We are all being asked to get back to work.

The loss of free public transport travel for school children was matched by the loss of Freedom Pass access for us oldsters before 9.30am, write Mary Pimm and Nik Wood, Gore Road, Hackney.

First the bad news: on July 29, Homerton Hospital’s board of directors rubber-stamped another five-year contract with Danish-based company giant ISS, valued at £50 million.

We’re delighted to see MPs like Tulip Siddiq speaking out and supporting the vital Keep It Clear campaign, calling for the widespread introduction of face masks with clear panels over the mouth, writes Sally Etchells, a campaigner, National Deaf Children’s Society.

What do I, whales and the NHS have in common? It’s not that we’re all larger than is probably needed.


Let’s get physical! One of the dangers of lockdown is to be lulled into laziness, watching too many box sets, and eating and drinking too much, but there is no excuse to not start exercising to get fit and stay healthy.

UK Government Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced extra measures to support workers and businesses throughout winter, including a furlough scheme extension paying 80 per cent of staff wages.

The way the UK does business with Europe changes from January 1, heralding a new start. All companies that trade with the EU need to act now to make sure they are set to go.