The Blue Badge exemption for Hackney residents making journeys through Stoke Newington's new low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) has been extended.

Initially the exemption only applied to residents with a companion badge which can only be registered to a resident's own vehicle.

Now all local Blue Badge holders can apply to exempt one vehicle from the bus gate filter on Church Street, which prevents through-traffic from passing through from 7am to 7pm.

This includes a Blue Badge holder's own vehicle or one owned by a friend or relative.

The move is part of a wider expansion of the council’s Blue Badge exemptions in LTNs policy aimed at addressing concerns raised by people with disabilities after various LTN schemes were rolled out.

The exemption currently only applies to Church Street's bus gate, but exemptions will be applied to some bus routes in LTN trials introduced last year, if they are made permanent.

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