A man left homeless after a a partial building collapse has slammed Hackney Council as he faces "extortionate" costs from living in a hotel.

Emergency services raced to Stoke Newington High Street after brickwork tumbled from a building on the morning of Friday, January 27.

Stephen Davies, one of several people left temporarily homeless, was housed in a Travelodge in Hackney Central for almost two weeks.

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Stephen said: "I am without sufficient accomodation in a tiny box room...

"It's not bad - it's clean and there's a bed and there's a shower but I've got no facilities here...

"I earn enough money to get by but the cost of this in terms of even dry cleaning is extortionate or even using the launderette - these are things I don't usually use but just basic things like washing and drying your clothes [is getting expensive].

"I can afford to go and buy food but we've got to nowhere to cook... so you end up spending far more... it's all adding up and there's no information from the council.

"I'm not referring to myself because I'm alright but I suspect there'll be people in a different position."

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According to Stephen, in a town hall meeting about the building collapse, he said to the council: "Your updates are shocking - people are homeless, businesses are affected. You've put people in temporary accomodation, some of it's very unsuitable. 

"Some of it's in different hotels and some people were saying they felt very unsafe and there's been no information regarding financial support."

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Hackney Council has confirmed that it is paying for the temporary accomodation for those that need it, including bed and breakfast.

A spokesperson said: "We're doing all we can to support residents and businesses affected by the partial building collapse in Stoke Newington. 

"We're currently providing emergency temporary accommodation to those residents that need it, meeting all our statutory requirements and going above and beyond in many instances.

"We continue to engage with the freeholder and its managing agent to raise residents’ concerns and ensure that tenants and businesses are provided with the necessary information and support that they need.

"We will continue to liaise with tenants and businesses affected by this incident to help where we can, following what has been a very difficult period for them.

"We’re co-operating fully with the Health and Safety Executive and will support any investigation they launch."

A Health and Safety Executive spokesperson said: "We are aware of an incident and still making enquiries."