After a snowless Christmas, many fans of the cold weather may be hoping that January will see some snow.

In previous years, London didn't see any snow for as late as February, and with much of the current winter being met with rain and storms, the likelihood of snow may seem bleak.

Although London has yet to see any snow, some parts of the UK including north Wales, West Midlands, northern England and Scotland were met with heavy downfalls of snow at the start of December.

The snow saw more than 7,000 homes and businesses left without power whilst hundreds of motorists were left stranded in Cumbria.

Now, as hopes of the wet weather being left behind, there is a chance that London could be in with the chance of some snow this January.

Will London get snow this January?

According to weather forecasts, AccuWeather there is a chance of some snow falling over London in the coming weeks.

The forecasters suggest that snow could fall on January 18 and January 19, with another chance on January 25 and even into February.

Hackney Gazette: Some weather forecasters are predicting snow will fall in London soon. Some weather forecasters are predicting snow will fall in London soon. (Image: PA)

AccuWeather predicts that snowfall will be at 0.6cm, sharing: "Mostly cloudy; a bit of morning snow followed by snow showers in the afternoon."

Elsewhere, fellow forecasters at the Met Office have also shared their prediction for snow in London.

With similar ideas of January 18, the Met Office said: "Compared to normal, there is an increased chance of colder than average conditions during this period.

"Currently, the chance of widespread severe cold is still deemed low, but still the risk of impacts from cold, including ice and snow is greater than normal."

They added: "It is likely to be drier than recent weeks, but what does fall is more likely to be of a wintry nature.

"While there is a chance of brief, unsettled spells, which would bring milder air for a time, it would likely also be accompanied by a period of sleet or snow."