The mum of a Bromley man stabbed to death outside a nightclub is “full of pain and sorrow” after losing her son, who also leaves behind a son of his own.

Trei Daley, 26, was killed on February 11, 2023, after being stabbed as violence flared after an argument on a night out in Hackney Wick.

Christopher Appiah-Blay, 35, of Wick Road, Hackney, was today (January 31) jailed 14 years for manslaughter, with 12 months to be served concurrently for possession of a bladed article.

A friend of Trei's was injured in the clash and Mawien Mawien, 39, of Portland Close, Chadwell Heath, was jailed for five years for grievous bodily harm,  with 18 months, also concurrent, for possession of a bladed article.

At the sentencing, a statement from Trei's mother Donna Saunders was read out.

She said: “Our family has suffered great losses recently, from the loss of my dad in 2022 to Trei in 2023.

“These last few years have been full of pain and sorrow.

“When I received the phone call that my son had been stabbed, the world truly fell on my shoulders.

“In the cab journey to the hospital, I kept praying ‘please don’t let him die’.

“At the hospital, I broke down, feeling empty and useless.

“Since his death, my children and I have become severely depressed and finding it hard to get on with our day to day lives or to just function.

“Letting go would be an end to my excruciating pain and, while very tempting, I now have to be strong for my other children who now need me now more than ever.

“The loss of my son Trei has had a devastating impact on my family and his own family, leaving behind his partner Danielle and his beautiful son.

“What a bright future they could have had has now been stolen away in a senseless way.

“Leading to the trial, we have not been able to sleep or eat properly.

“I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, and I have had to double my medication to attend court every day.

“Experiencing the trial has taken a massive toll on my body and I feel battered as if I had just been at war.

“I wish for no one to go through what myself and my family have gone through.”

Trei's partner, Danielle Trimm, also shared a statement expressing her sadness at the loss of her partner and the father of her son.

She said: “Trei was my partner of six years and we share a little boy who is now four.

“We consulted each other every day of our lives and we supported and protected each other.

“Like any relationship we had ups and downs, but we had a family unit and we felt safe.

“He was motivated and loving, he took pride in his appearance and his family’s appearance. He was an amazing father and knew what he wanted for his son.

“He worked hard to financially support us and he had planned out our lives with Téison and I now have to try to follow those plans on my own.

“We had planned to have a second child and now I have had that taken from me.

“The idea of moving on, finding someone else makes me feel sick. That would mean letting go of my time with Trei.

“When I found out, my journey to the hospital was horrible. His friends were there and they were distraught. I felt empty.

“When they told me I fell to the floor I was in denial and inside I was screaming. All I could think of is how can I tell my son and live my life without him.”

While dealing with her grief, Danielle was off work for three months.

She said that her employer replaced her and since then she has only been able to get part time hours.

Danielle described the trial as “exhausting” and said that losing Trei affects her every day.

She added: “Since Trei’s death I suffer with depression and have anxiety attacks.

“For a long time even smiling made me feel guilty because being happy without him doesn’t feel right.

“I live in a dangerous area, there is always crime and noise.

“When Trei was here, he was my protector and I felt safe - one call and he would be with me in seconds.

“Since he’s gone, I’m scared, I don’t let Téison look out the window.

“Before Trei passed away, knife crime was not a part of my life. Now I feel no matter what kind of security there is, you never know what people are holding. Because of this, going out is scary and now I only go out for special occasions.

“In the back of my mind, I’ve always been waiting for and anticipating the end of this trial.

“It’s bittersweet now because regardless of any sentence it’s not over.

“I will never forget who he was.”