Prospect of £10K fine after Stamford Hill wedding

Kashif Mahmood has been dismissed from the Met. Picture: Met Police

Police were called to a "large gathering" in Stamford Hill on January 21. - Credit: Archant

UPDATE: Investigation launched after Stamford Hill lockdown wedding

Six people face fines - one of up to £10,000 - after police say they found hundreds attending a wedding in Stamford Hill. 

At about 9.15pm on January 21, police went to investigate reports of a large gathering in Egerton Road - which is against the current coronavirus lockdown rules.  

They said they found 400 people at a venue for a wedding, although many left as officers arrived. 

Windows of the building had reportedly been covered to stop passers-by seeing inside. 

One person has been reported for consideration for a £10,000 fine and five others were issued £200 penalties. 

Det Ch Supt Marcus Barnett, Central East BCU Commander, said large gatherings are "completely unacceptable". 

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"This is a deadly and very dangerous disease. We can all see that and we must act responsibly," he said.

“People across the country are making sacrifices by cancelling or postponing weddings and other celebrations and there is no excuse for this type of behaviour.

"My officers are working tirelessly with the community and we will not hesitate to take enforcement action if that is required to keep people safe."

More than 140 fines, totalling £39,000, were recently issued in just two days in Tower Hamlets and Hackney.

Mayor of Hackney Philip Glanville said: “I am deeply disappointed that events of this nature are still happening in Stamford Hill, despite the very grave pandemic situation we find ourselves in, and the number of lives that have already been lost in the Charedi community and across the borough. 

"We support the police in taking such rapid and firm action."

He said Hackney Council had already written to venues reminding them of the regulations.

"Whilst we appreciate the central role that weddings play in the life of all our communities, the current regulations are there to protect everyone," he said.

"We will be meeting with the Rabbinate and our community partners over the coming days to see how we can prevent further incidents of this nature.”

Chris Lovitt, deputy director of public health for the City of London and London Borough of Hackney Public Health Service, urged people to stay at home: "Although there has been a welcome reduction in new cases of Covid-19, the number of people getting infected is still very high both across London and in communities throughout Hackney. The pressure on NHS services, especially intensive care remains at very high levels."