App allowing neighbours to pick up shopping proves popular during coronavirus lockdown

Michael Goulden, Pinga co-founder. Picture: Pinga

Michael Goulden, Pinga co-founder. Picture: Pinga - Credit: Archant

An app that allows people to get “anything” delivered from nearby shops by people passing by is proving popular during the coronavirus lockdown.

Pinga, which launched in Hackney last year, can be used to order food and household items from anyone in the area who is near a shop and also registered on the app.

The in-app chat function allows both parties to keep connected throughout and when the task is completed, the recipient pays the Pinga Partner for the items, plus a delivery fee, directly through the app.

To ensure as many Londoners get the items they need, Pinga is subsidising every delivery during the coronavirus and has reduced the delivery charge to £3.95.

Maggie, a vulnerable 62-year-old from Hackney last week asked someone to pick up some food for her.

The task was picked up by nearby resident Danny Rameses, 31, who sourced and delivered staples including apples, pears, hand wash and tinned kippers in less than 30 minutes.

Pinga founder Michael Goulden said: “When I first had the idea for an app that allowed local communities to help each other out, I had no idea of just how vital it would become. It’s a scary time right now, but seeing in real-time how Pinga is making a difference has been very gratifying.”

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